Big townhomes.
Small footprint.

Upsize your life, downsize your environmental footprint with Passive House Townhomes.

Most homes built today are designed for average performance over an average lifetime. Skagen townhomes are built to the highest international energy-efficiency specifications – the Passive House standard.

Upsize your life, downsize your environmental footprint with Passive House Townhomes.

Developed in Europe, Passive House construction deliver thicker superinsulated walls, high-performance building envelope, triple glazed windows and an air circulation system that gives your family the best, filtered fresh air whatever the season. There simply isn’t a comparison. Think of it as the European performance sedan of home construction. If you seek premium quality when you shop for your family’s food, recreational equipment or vehicles, why wouldn’t you invest in the best home technology available?

What does Passive House mean to you?

  • High performance buildings
  • 80% savings in heat energy
  • Super insulated walls – double the insulation of regular new buildings
  • 24/7 high efficiency heat recovery ventilation system for health and comfort
  • Triple glazed tilt and turn windows for peace and quiet
  • No thermal bridging – even temperatures throughout the home

Five Basic Principles of Passive House

passive house
Exterior Walls
passive house
High Performance
Triple-glazed Windows
passive house
Fresh Air Heat Recovery
Ventilation System
passive house
Thermal Bridge Free
Continuous Insulation
passive house
Air Tight


Airtight construction, or airtightness, refers to no unintentional gaps in the building envelope that could allow air to leak through. Having an airtight home rids cold draughts coming through the envelops – it keeps the warm air in and the cold air out.


Through the heat recovery ventilation unit (HRV), 24/7 fresh air is circulated throughout the home. These HRV units provide residents with superior indoor air quality through the use of high quality air filters. Ventilation ensures the warm air carried out by the exhaust air is not wasted but instead converted to fresh incoming air.

Heating & Cooling

Passive House buildings save 80% of heating and cooling energy compared to the typical building. Quality tilt and turn windows, super-insulated walls and ventilation ensures optimal temperatures any time of year.

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